Cloud-Based Human Resources Tools

Paper-based HR processes are undoubtedly costing your organization money and productivity. Cloud-based human resources tools, such as HeyBuddy, offer the solutions you need. To be competitive, HR departments today must be data-driven, agile and deeply skilled in attracting and developing new talent. Do you have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your increasingly mobile workforce, or are you still relying on slow, outdated, error-prone document handling methods? HeyBuddy is a cloud-based human resources tool that can revolutionize the way you do business. With the HeyBuddy app, all of your employee data (your HRIS system) is made securely accessible within seconds on any mobile device. Instant accessibility for the employees who need it is an invaluable asset. The powerful features of this easy-to-use solution offer unique benefits for employees, managers, and entire organizations, and are used by enterprise-level companies around the globe.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions

  1. Access work securely from anywhere, on any device, and handle tasks while on-the-go.
  2. Create appropriate user access rights to ensure that only the essential people have access to your sensitive employee and company data.
  3. Have an automatic audit trail for pertinent compliance documents.
  4. Delegate tasks to your staff while maintaining accountability.
  5. Easily integrate your systems and share valuable data in real time.
  6. Up-front savings include no on-premise software installation costs and no expensive upgrades or maintenance.
  7. Spend less time hunting down paper documents, managing the paper (filing, storing, etc.), and keeping the paper from falling into the wrong hands.

Reduce Recruiting Time

HeyBuddy enables managers to collaborate in ways that were not possible before. For many companies, a week or more can elapse between receiving a resume, emailing it to colleagues, collecting comments and conducting an interview. Speed up the entire process by using HeyBuddy to route resumes between managers, including those in remote locations, post comments, and opinions, schedule interviews, track the applications through the system and store them for future reference, all within a day or two.

Get Real-Time Analytics

As your team uses the app, HeyBuddy produces valuable analytics that syncs with your existing HRIS system. Research, analyze, and improve presentations and workflows based on these analytics. Track the progress of new hires and other trainees, set performance objectives, and let employees know how they’re doing all along the way. Giving your team direct access to information through cloud-based human resource tools like HeyBuddy can not only make your workforce more productive, it can reduce demands on your HR staff. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or click the button below to get started.  

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