Effective Sales Presentation Tips & Ideas

Could your sales team use an effective sales presentation tool and some tips & ideas on how to close deals faster? Thanks to the HeyBuddy mobile presentation app, your sales reps can easily make your products shine and grow more efficient by using content from your Salesforce Content library. HeyBuddy is brought to you by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Wyomissing, PA, that develops functional and creative digital and traditional solutions for our clients and their customers. We create new solutions and platforms for communicating our clients’ brands, always focused on helping organizations realize their goals. Effective Sales Presentation Tips & IdeasHave you deployed other sales tools to improve your sales team’s productivity, trained them, and then been disappointed when they failed to use the new software? It’s human nature; habits are difficult to break. Most of us won’t try anything new unless it’s simple. Mobile sales tools like HeyBuddy help you introduce cost-saving automation to your team by allowing them to use the mobile devices they already know and love. HeyBuddy can be downloaded and set up in minutes and, because they’re using their favorite devices, you’ll increase morale and spend less on training. HeyBuddy is iOS and Windows compatible and designed to run online and offline. Your team can access it whenever they need it without worrying about getting a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Because HeyBuddy is integrated with Salesforce Content, your reps simply sync the app on their mobile devices with the click of a button, and they’re ready to roll.

How to Improve Your Sales Presentations

  • Set objectives for every call.

Top performers know exactly what they want to accomplish before they walk through the door. With Sales Buddy Pro, you can build a precise presentation that showcases your product by using content from your Salesforce Content library. Customize each presentation to address the prospect’s situation.

  • Research and be relevant.

Many sales reps waste time discussing aspects of products or solutions that simply aren’t relevant to the customer. Research your prospect beforehand to find out what challenges they may have. When faced with unanticipated questions or concerns, use HeyBuddy on the spot to grab the most appropriate material from Salesforce Content and instantly target what the customer wants.

  • Leave the printed material behind.

Equipping your sales team with brochures and printed material is expensive, and it’s hard to keep it all up to date. Reduce your printing and shipping expenses by making the content digitally available to sales reps on their HeyBuddy app. Any changes you make within Salesforce Content are reflected each time the device is synced.

  • Always follow up.

Decision makers everywhere are busy, and many sales have been lost because the rep failed to follow up after the meeting. With HeyBuddy, each presentation is recorded and logged in Salesforce. Simply save the presentation, package it, and send it off to the prospect for quick follow-up. The LaunchDM team has many other sales presentation tips and ideas that can make your sales team more effective. Use HeyBuddy to keep everyone organized, save time, and accelerate sales. To learn more about our mobile sales tools, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.