How to Improve Sales 

If you’re interested in improving the sales performance of your team, take a close look at HeyBuddy, the best new sales presentation app that syncs with any CRM and works across both iOS and Windows devices. HeyBuddy is simple to use. Download it, set it up, sync it and you’re ready to sell. It provides your sales team with quick access to up-to-date sales materials in any CRM that you use and lets them do what they do best – connect with the customer and sell your products and services. Load your content library with documents, PDFs, images, informative videos, animated demos, and other colorful, engaging materials that will capture the attention of customers and prospects. Your marketing team can update the sales materials anytime so that whenever your sales team members open the app on their devices and activate the “sync” button, they’ll know they’re using current, reliable materials. HeyBuddy works on- and offline and is perfect for sales reps who work in remote areas where it’s hard to get a reliable connection or where they can’t log on to a client’s network. Use the app to digitally show off your best products with high-resolution imagery, 3-D rotation, videos, and more. The size, flexibility, and user-friendliness of tablets and iPads are ideal for product browsing. Sales reps can switch dynamically between different types of content based on the customer’s interests, and then execute sales transactions on the spot by providing on-site quotes.

Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

If you’re not naturally eloquent, presentations can be nerve-racking. Here are some tips that can help you get through it without too much anxiety.

  1. Practice makes perfect. Don’t skip this step. Rehearse your presentation many times and in different positions – sitting, standing, etc. The more you mix things up, the more comfortable you’ll be no matter what you’re faced with when you get to your meeting. Another thing that can be helpful is recording yourself while giving the presentation. Play it back to find out where you need more practice.
  2. Arrive early.  Allow yourself plenty of time to get settled into your presentation area before you have to talk. Spend some time in the room. Practice with the microphone, if you plan to use one, and the lighting. Notice things that may distract you, such as people walking past the windows or noise on the road outside, and try your best to ignore them.
  3. Meet and greet. Chat with people before your presentation to make yourself seem approachable and likable. Ask questions and make note of the answers. They may give you the inspiration to weave into your presentation somewhere along the line.
  4. Stay calm. It’s easy to talk too fast when you get nervous. Try to stay calm. Smile often; it will make you seem enthusiastic and confident and relax you.  Use pauses in your presentation and works in a story or two to help your talk feel more conversational. Wondering whether people are noticing your nervousness will only increase your anxiety. Don’t panic!

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