Human Resource Collaboration Tools

Human resource collaboration tools, such as HeyBuddy, can help improve the way your employees interact with one another and with the organization at large, leading to greater efficiency and satisfaction. Modern workforces rely more and more every day on mobile devices. Many people also work remotely, and collaborative mobile solutions like HeyBuddy allow them to be “in the office,” even while on the go. These tools empower your teams to stay engaged while at the same time helping your company operate more efficiently. HeyBuddy is a cloud-based human resources tool that can revolutionize the way you do business. All of your secure employee data (contained within your HRIS system or any system integrated with our app) becomes accessible within seconds on any mobile device. The powerful features of this easy-to-use solution offer unique benefits for employees, managers, and entire organizations, and are used by enterprise-level companies around the globe.

What is HeyBuddy?

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-based mobile app
  • Plugs into any HRIS system
  • Deploys easily across a global workforce
  • Provides direct secure access to organizational content
  • Places staff profiles at your fingertips
  • Help attract top talent and energize recruits
  • Encourages communication
  • Fosters connections between employees
  • Can be customized for your team
  • Flexible framework (Open API)
  • Syncs with any device
  • Wi-Fi not required
  • Runs offline; sync for real-time data
  • Captures data while on the go
  • Produces valuable analytics
  • Speeds up onboarding
  • Improves training and access to learning resources

Cut Recruiting Time in Half

HeyBuddy enables managers to collaborate in ways that were not possible before. For many companies, a week or more can elapse between receiving a resume, emailing it to colleagues, collecting comments and conducting an interview. Speed up the entire process by using HeyBuddy to route resumes between managers, including those in remote locations, attach comments and opinions, schedule interviews, track the applications through the system, and store them for future reference, all within a day or two.

Promote Enterprise Networking

HeyBuddy can help you foster internal networking to make it easier for employees to connect with colleagues, find subject matter experts within the organization, share best practices and gain insight into cross-functional activities. Consider creating enterprise news feeds, polls, and wikis to better engage your workforce. Offer access to training modules to enable ongoing employee development. Provide greater visibility for internal career growth opportunities to encourage your employees to stay with you longer. Giving employees direct mobile access to information through human resource collaboration tools like HeyBuddy can not only motivate a workforce, it can reduce demands on your HR team and free them up for other activities. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or click the button below to get started.

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