Human Resource Communication Tools

Investing in human resource communication tools like HeyBuddy can help you modernize your organization and boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention. HeyBuddy can help you attract top talent and energize your team. Enjoy having all the employee data in your HRIS system accessible securely in seconds on any mobile device. It’s an easy-to-use solution that makes valuable data available to your employees when and where they need it. This mobile HR solution works on all devices and integrates with virtually any HRIS system you use, so you don’t have to invest in new technology. Wi-Fi is not required, and you can use the cloud-based app online and offline. Improve productivity by breaking down repetitive tasks into simple, intuitive workflows that require only a few taps on a mobile device to complete.

How HeyBuddy Can Help

Corporate Communication

The app uses push notifications, so you can easily share important information such as new company policies or notices of office closures, directly to their mobile devices as soon as they become available. Make legal forms, employee handbooks, company videos or podcasts, training modules, and other information available in an easy-to-digest fashion. Engage further with employees by creating random polls or involving them in real-time Q&A sessions with colleagues across the organization.

Manager Communication

Utilize HeyBuddy to help you get rid of tedious and time-consuming processes that slow you down. Imagine putting simple tasks like vacation requests or expense reporting onto an employee’s mobile device to be quickly handled the same way they handle their personal calendars or online banking, no matter where they happen to be in the world.

Employee Communication

Significantly reduce administrative costs for the HR department by enabling employees to submit vacation requests remotely and monitor the status of their requests in real-time. Give them a way to instantly report purchases with attached receipts and photos. This can speed up review/approval and provide a digitally-archived paper trail for every transaction. The mobile access provided by HeyBuddy keeps your workflow moving faster and your employees more engaged, but employees will also feel empowered by having better tools to help them get through the day. They’ll feel better connected within the organization, and you will have more time to pursue other priorities, such as recruiting, developing leaders, identifying hidden talent, and communicating company objectives. When you’re ready to put a stop to time-consuming human resource processes and improve internal communications with innovative mobile tools, introduce your organization to HeyBuddy. Call the HeyBuddy team today at (484) 516-2526 for more information, or click below to get started.  

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