Human Resource Management Apps

Mobilizing Human Resource data via one of the latest HR management apps, such as HeyBuddy, enables managers to reap the benefits of being able to view and act on important tasks from a favorite mobile device, and it also allows employees to enjoy self-service capabilities, even when they’re on the road. HeyBuddy maintains all of your secure employee data in one location (your HRIS system), but makes that data accessible in seconds on any mobile device. It’s an easy-to-use solution that empowers your team with valuable information when and where they need it. The mobile HR tool works on all devices and integrates with virtually any HRIS system, so there is no need to invest in new technology. Wi-Fi is not required, and you can use the app online and offline. Simply install the app on your preferred device and immediately reap the benefits.

Better Access to Important Data

HeyBuddy makes it possible for managers to quickly access relevant information with the click of a button, allowing them to communicate effectively with other managers and employees, anywhere and anytime. Picture yourself meeting with an executive to discuss staffing requests, talent ratios, strategies for improvement, or other issues regarding your organization’s workforce… but the employee data you need to hold an informed meeting is not easily accessible. Implement HeyBuddy and you’ll enjoy direct, fast access to employee details, KPIs, and relevant reports at your fingertips in order to move the discussion from generalities to specifics and help drive fact-based decisions on the spot.

Better Workflows and Processes

Setting up mobile workflows can expedite many Human Resources processes. For example, it’s common for leave requests, travel requests and timesheet approvals to get stuck in a manager’s inbox. With HeyBuddy, you can improve productivity by breaking down those repetitive tasks into simple, intuitive workflows that require only a few taps on your mobile device to complete. Enable your employees to submit leave requests remotely and then monitor the status of their requests in real-time. Cut through time-consuming processes like expense reporting by enabling employees to instantly report their purchases via their mobile devices with attached receipts and photos. This can speed up review/approval and provide a digitally-archived paper trail for every transaction.

Better Employee Engagement

Another benefit of HeyBuddy is that it can improve your engagement with employees and help you retain your best talent. For instance, employees enjoy being recognized for their length of service. When managers have mobile access to employee anniversary lists, they can easily send congratulatory messages, even when on the road. Today’s employees are tech-savvy and expect tools that are user-friendly, efficient and able to support their mobile devices. By employing HeyBuddy, you can give employees the ability to get their timecards approved, access company directories, share knowledge with colleagues, submit vacation requests or review benefits information, even when they’re away from the office. Whether used for recruitment, training or admin work, mobile Human Resource (HR) management apps like HeyBuddy can transform your business and make life easier for everyone. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or get started by clicking the button below.  

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