Ideas to Improve HR Department

Cloud-based mobile apps are making it easier than ever for HR departments to improve their hiring, onboarding and training processes, and providing organizations with creative ideas for engaging all of their employees thoughtfully. HeyBuddy is an easy-to-use solution that serves organizations small and large in industries such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing, financial services and more, and encourages higher productivity and fully integrated communications for HR teams. All of the employee data attached to your existing HRIS system can be made accessible in seconds, securely, on any mobile device. Wi-Fi is not required, and you can use the cloud-based app online and offline to improve productivity by breaking down repetitive tasks into simple, intuitive workflows that require only a few taps on a mobile device to complete. HeyBuddy runs on the efficient and flexible HeyBuddy platform and, with flexible modules and an open API, it can be customized to meet your business’ unique needs.

Recruiting & Onboarding

According to a study by the Academy of Management Journal, when people starting a new job have a higher level of support, they’re more positive and more productive. At most companies, an employee’s first day is spent filling out paperwork and training for the new job. Each task typically has a different deadline and a different person to inform when it’s complete. Why not better organize your hiring workflow with HeyBuddy? Speed up your entire recruiting process by using HeyBuddy to route resumes between managers, including those in remote locations, attach comments and opinions, schedule interviews, track the applications through the system, and store them for future reference, all within a day or two. Provide new hires with a list of the paperwork and activities they need to complete, with applicable deadlines, and let them use their favorite mobile devices to work their way through the list, marking each task complete as they finish it. With each task completion, the appropriate departments and hiring managers can be notified, ensuring that tasks stay on track and the process runs seamlessly.

Increased Productivity

In the workplace, employees often lack an easy way to quickly view important information they need to do their jobs. It’s estimated that the average worker spends two hours a day searching for information across various systems to make business decisions. That’s more than one full workday each! HeyBuddy enables you to deliver relevant cross-business data that employees need when they need it, so they can increase their productivity and effectiveness on the job without having to log into multiple systems. Push notifications allow you to share important information, such as new company policies or notices of office closures, directly to employees’ mobile devices as soon as they become available. Make legal forms, handbooks, company videos or podcasts, training modules, and other information available in an easy-to-digest fashion. Once your plan is in place, the analytics produced by HeyBuddy can help you evaluate whether you’ve met the organization’s goals in terms of production, employee retention, and employee satisfaction. HeyBuddy can help you attract top talent, energize recruits and improve the overall performance of your organization. Talk to the HeyBuddy team for more ideas on improving your HR Department. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or click below for a free demo.

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