Integrated Sales Solutions

If you are looking for integrated sales solutions that can help your business – large or small – manage and accelerate your sales processes, consider HeyBuddy, the most cutting-edge sales enablement app on the market today. HeyBuddy is a flexible, easy-to-manage, centralized workflow platform for all of your content. It integrates with your existing CRM to help streamline the selling process and enables even those who are technologically challenged to deliver meaningful content like a rock star. When your sales reps are happy and working with tools that make their jobs easier, they are generally more productive. This often results in more growth and revenue for your company.

Provide Easy Access to Your Best Content

More than 75% of salespeople say they put together presentations on their own instead of using materials provided by their marketing teams. Not only is this error-prone and a huge waste of time, but your team may not be presenting your products and services in the best light. With HeyBuddy, your employees can easily deliver effortless, brand-consistent presentations internally or while in the field, and use the same app to reduce follow-up and admin time. It’s the perfect way to satisfy the needs of both sales and marketing. You can control what is being said, to whom, and when, without the risk of your team using wrong or outdated versions of your sales documents. Change presentations as often as you like, push new content to the team, and quickly disable access to materials that no longer match your brand strategy.

  • For salespeople: HeyBuddy offers content recommendations and next-best-action suggestions that are tailored to the opportunity at hand. No more time wasted on building presentations from scratch before every meeting. Record presentations as they are presented without having to spend any more time on follow-up.
  • For marketing: The app measures effectiveness and meets regulatory requirements by tracking the use of sales materials throughout not only sales presentations, but throughout the duration of the sales process. It can also be used to easily disseminate visually compelling one-sheeters simultaneously to each sales rep’s device without having to budget for printing them.
  • For management: HeyBuddy reports how sales reps utilize content in order to meet their KPIs and the organization’s goals. The dashboard provides actionable data to help management teams improve sales tracks and win rates as well as drive results across the entire organization. And use it internally for employee training and onboarding.

The highly intuitive HeyBuddy app works across all devices require no Wi-Fi and enable sales teams to deliver more engaging customer experiences. As you consider integrated sales solutions to improve the performance of your sales team, introduce them to HeyBuddy, one of the most innovative B2B sales enablement tools on the market today. Learn more about the app’s capabilities by calling us at (484) 516-2526 or click the button below to get started.

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