Interactive Apps for Sales Teams

Why not make everyone’s job easier, from sales teams to sales managers, with interactive sales apps that keep you organized, accelerate sales and save time. HeyBuddy is a mobile sales presentation app that will help your sales team stay lean and efficient. It’s easy to bog your team down with technology. Often, the best solutions for sales managers are the best tools for their sales reps. By helping them spend more time selling efficiently and less time looking for content for their presentations, productivity (and sales) grow. HeyBuddy is a must-have interactive mobile sales application that’s currently available for all devices. Choose from our pre-built, easy-to-install themes or have your designers easily brand the app with your company logo and color scheme. Use the admin tool to organize presentation materials inside the CRM, including documents, PDFs, images and videos. Each time your sales reps open the app on their devices and activate the “sync” button, they’re ready to go out in the field and sell with consistency. HeyBuddy is designed to run offline so your team can access it whenever they need it, online or offline, and any changes you make within the CRM are reflected each time the device is synced. Advantages of using the HeyBuddy mobile sales tool:

  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use
  • Select a design theme or create a custom look and feel
  • Easily setup consistent sales presentation materials for your team
  • Organize documents from your CRM for a complete branded presentation
  • Easy navigation from the home screen
  • Integrates with any CRM
  • Access HeyBuddy whenever you need it, online or offline
  • Reduce meeting preparation and follow up
  • Measure sales activity across your entire team
  • Teams can share important insights internally

HeyBuddy is an excellent sales solution for agents who work in isolated areas where they constantly worry if they’ll be able to get a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Worry no more! HeyBuddy works whenever and wherever you need it, online or offline. Just sync it up, make the presentation, and get ready to close the deal! And you don’t have to limit your team’s sales materials. HeyBuddy helps you keep potential customers engaged in the conversation with different types of content. Even videos and large product views are convenient without having to download each one or wait for the dreaded buffering to finish. Your sales team will love this app! Each presentation is recorded and logged into HeyBuddy, so there’s no need to waste time following through after a sales meeting. Have your sales reps save the presentations, package them, and send them off to prospects for quick follow-up. Agents who work with similar clients will be able to share the sales materials and notes about how prospects responded for a more efficient overall sales process. HeyBuddy was created by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio located in Wyomissing, PA. We have been a preferred Salesforce vendor and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem for most of the past decade and are experts in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises. If you are looking to ramp up sales growth, HeyBuddy is one of the best interactive apps for sales teams and executives alike. To learn more about this sales app and our other mobile sales tools, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click here for our contact form.

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