Mobile App for Sales

HeyBuddy is a game changer. This mobile app for sales can help you give clients more than they expect. Eliminate the challenge of managing sales operations when your team is in the field, and avoid leaving them alone to fend for themselves. The presentations you can create with this app will empower your team to close deals faster and from anywhere. For most organizations, meetings and presentations are a way of life. But who wants to lug along a bunch of files, brochures, and equipment? Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your important sales materials were available from your mobile device and accessible on demand? According to studies by market research firm International Data Corporation, sales professionals spend about 40% of their time preparing to sell. In a typical 40-hour week, 2.3 hours are spent looking for materials to use, 5.8 hours looking for customer-related information, and 6.4 hours building their presentations. This leaves only 25.5 hours of actual selling time. Thanks to the HeyBuddy mobile sales application, you’ll be able to showcase your products, convey your brand message, and deliver stunning presentations on the go.

Easy Setup

Download HeyBuddy and design it to look exactly how you want it. Set it up in minutes with our pre-built, easy-to-install themes, or have your design team create a custom branded look within our flexible architecture.

Syncs with Salesforce

Organize your essential presentation files in the CRM, sync up the app, and your team will have everything they need at their fingertips. And they won’t be limited to text-based documents and slides. Even videos and large product views work beautifully without having to download each one or wait for buffering to finish. 

Easy to Update Content 

Need to change or update some presentation materials so that everyone is on the same page? Use HeyBuddy’s sleek Admin Panel to organize the new content in your CRM. Hit the ‘Publish’ button, and notify your sales team that new content is ready to be synced.

iPad Compatible

HeyBuddy is compatible with any device.

Accessible Online and Offline

Cell coverage and Wi-Fi connectivity can be spotty. But, wherever you are, HeyBuddy is right there with you. Online or offline, access presentations and make them available to customers and prospects any time.

Add “Quick Leads”

Gone are the days when you have to exchange business cards or grab a notebook to record a prospect’s contact info. With HeyBuddy’s “Quick Leads” functionality, capture a prospect’s information on the spot and have it entered into your CRM immediately.

Measure the Effectiveness

As they tap through a HeyBuddy presentation, your reps’ activity will be tracked. Analytical data is sent back to sales managers, allowing them to review how their sales team is utilizing the company’s sales track. When are they presenting content, and to who? What content are they using most often, or not at all? Understand how well your presentation is performing, and fine-tune it for new and existing clients.

Share Easily

Avoid supersized email attachments or compatibility problems with HeyBuddy. Once recorded and “packaged,” send a presentation out directly to the client as a follow-up, via.PDF link, or share it with the sales team. Reach out to the awesome HeyBuddy team today for a quick demo showcasing how our mobile app for sales can revolutionize the way you sell. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or click here for our contact form.

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