Mobile Apps For HR

HeyBuddy is one of the best mobile apps on the market for helping your organization recruit, close top candidates, retain top talent, and improve employee engagement. Imagine having all your employee data secure in one location (your HRIS system), but accessible in seconds on any mobile device. HeyBuddy is an easy to use solution that empowers your team with valuable data just when they need it. Used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries, the cloud-based solution revolutionizes the way teams connect and engage. With flexible modules and an open API, HeyBuddy can be tailored to meet your business’ unique needs.

Enjoy Secure Access

HeyBuddy gives you access to all of your HRIS employee information, important documents and organizational content, with extra precautions to provide enterprise-level security. All employees, based on their roles or titles in your organization, can benefit from this accessibility using their own mobile devices.

Hire with Confidence

Simplify your hiring process by building workflows in HeyBuddy for each of your company’s job opportunities. Include a list of desirable behavioral traits and problem-solving abilities, evaluate the resumes and CVs you receive, and compare each candidate’s results against them. With feedback from trusted managers, including those in remote locations, you’ll be able to choose the best candidates for your business.

Develop New Talent

Studies indicate that 90% of employees decide whether to stay or leave during their first year at a new company. A well-thought-out onboarding and training process can have a lasting positive impact and help you retain stellar employees. Develop workflows in HeyBuddy for recruiting, conducting interviews, and extending offers to employees you want to bring on board. When hired, implement an onboarding workflow to get them up to speed on your company’s procedures as quickly as possible, and use the app to institute regular performance reviews.

Simplify Communication

HeyBuddy uses push notifications that enable you to share important information, such as new company policies or notices of office closures, directly to employees’ mobile devices as soon as they become available. Make legal forms, handbooks, company videos or podcasts, training modules, and other information available in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Gather Feedback

If you want to know how your employees feel about their jobs and their work environment, utilize HeyBuddy to create surveys they can take from anywhere, day or night, via a mobile device. Listening to your employees will tell you if you are meeting their needs and give you an opportunity to adjust outdated policies and procedures that may be causing excessive turnover. Reach out to the HeyBuddy team today to learn what else mobile apps like HeyBuddy can do to revolutionize the way you do business. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or click below for your free demo.  

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