Outdoor Sales App

When you work in outside sales or regularly attend trade shows, you’re constantly on the go and need a sales app that can help you sell effectively no matter where you are.  HeyBuddy mobilizes your sales and helps you make successful, professional presentations on and offline. With HeyBuddy, no more time has to be wasted building sales pitches from scratch. Instead, create a presentation that perfectly showcases your product or services, and sends your sales reps out to deliver a well-organized, consistent message to your audience. Update content easily and share it across a worldwide network at the click of a button. Download the app and set it up quickly. Organize your content within Salesforce Content and keep your most up-to-date sales materials in front of your team at all times. Simply publish the latest brochures, price lists, product videos, contract documents, etc., to the CRM, have your team sync up the app on their mobile devices, and know that everything you need is immediately available.

Rock the Sales Pitch

Nothing is worse than showing up for a sales meeting unprepared or armed with a dull slide presentation that you know will have your audience nodding off. HeyBuddy allows you to showcase your products and services effectively with compelling product images, infographics, animations, and videos. And, instead of lugging around reams of paper or struggling to set up big screens for a product demo, you can load the app to your iPad and everything is available at your fingertips. Let your customers’ needs to drive the flow of the conversation. Find a specific piece of content precisely when you need it, and easily respond to their requests for testimonials, case studies, and more product detail. And just tapping through HeyBuddy in a sales meeting populates the CRM, providing sales managers with dashboards, reports, and analytics to improve sales tracks and win rates, and monitor each team’s performance and accountability.

Rock the Trade Show

If trade shows are routine for your sales team, think about how expensive it can be to rent enough booth space to accommodate printed brochures, product samples, price lists, several sales reps, and many customers, all in the same space. Use HeyBuddy to show off your best products with high-resolution imagery, 3-D rotation, videos, and more. An iPad’s size, flexibility, and user-friendliness are ideal for product browsing and will keep the attention of bored trade show attendees who think they’ve seen everything. Another advantage of HeyBuddy is its offline functionality. Trade shows have notoriously unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead of paying for hotspot devices or data plans for the iPads, simply sync them up with your CRM before the event, and your team is ready to sell online or offline. And taking orders by hand at trade shows and manually entering them on a laptop later can also be a thing of the past.  Take orders on the iPad and sync up the app as soon as you have an Internet connection. This is a great way to boost productivity, cut down on errors, and get more sleep after the show! Learn more about the many ways you can take advantage of the HeyBuddy outdoor sales app. Reach out to us at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.

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