Sales Automation

A sales automation app, such as HeyBuddy, provides countless benefits that can help your organization improve sales win rates, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance sales rep productivity. With HeyBuddy, your team won’t lose time building every sales presentation from scratch. Instead, the app easily syncs with your CRM and gives teams access to all of the most critical, up-to-date content.

Create Presentations Faster

Research shows that sales professionals spend nearly 40% of their potential selling time preparing to sell. In a typical 40-hour week, 2.3 hours are spent looking for material to use, 5.8 hours are spent searching for customer-related information, and 6.4 hours are spent on building presentations, leaving them with only 25.5 hours of actual selling time in the week. HeyBuddy saves time. Reps can quickly build presentations that perfectly showcase your products or services, deliver well-organized, consistent messages to prospects and clients, and share content across a worldwide network with the click of a button.

Work Online or Offline

Because the app works across all devices, is highly intuitive, doesn’t require Wi-Fi, and records meetings as you present, your team will no longer have to worry about finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection to show a presentation, wait for a laptop to boot up, or be distracted with other technical issues. They’ll be able to make a seamless presentation and focus on maximizing sales. This capability can be a huge advantage at trade shows and conventions where it’s common to lose a mobile connection in the middle of a business-critical demo.

More Benefits of HeyBuddy

  • Can be customized to fit your brand
  • Helps sales reps switch topics on demand
  • Routes all sales activity through your CRM
  • Provides dashboards, reports, and analytics
  • Reduces meeting preparation time
  • Cuts follow-up time in half
  • Can be recorded and shared
  • Can be rolled out, changed and maintained with ease
  • Improves the training and onboarding process

Instead of hauling around briefcases full of forms and brochures, sales reps can switch dynamically between different types of content based on the customer’s wants and needs, and then execute sales transactions on the spot by providing on-site quotes. Dashboard reports and analytics of the team’s activity in the field are invaluable to sales managers for monitoring their performance and accountability. Training expenses become a thing of the past, and you’ll be able to provide the organization with decision-making-worthy information. Sales automation can eliminate time-consuming tasks. Introduce your team to HeyBuddy to help them quickly put together appealing, consistent presentations that compel prospects to take action. Learn more about the app’s capabilities by reaching out to the HeyBuddy team at (484) 516-2526, or click below to get started today.

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