Sales Enablement Tool

Could your organization benefit from a sales enablement tool that allows your team to access all of your company content, create compelling presentations, and even place customer orders from the field? Discover the capabilities of HeyBuddy! Have you implemented other sophisticated sales tools to radically improve your team’s productivity, trained them, and then watched in frustration as they failed to use the new software? It’s human nature; old habits are hard to break. Most of us won’t try anything new unless it’s simple. Instead, we fall back on the familiar. Mobile sales tools like HeyBuddy will help you introduce cost-saving automation to your team by allowing your reps to use the mobile devices they already know and love. The app can be downloaded and installed in minutes and because they’re using their favorite devices, you’ll improve morale and spend less on training.

Why Choose HeyBuddy?

HeyBuddy offers powerful features for users, unique benefits for managers, and value for the entire organization, such as:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Works on any device
  • Accessible online and online; no Wi-Fi required
  • Integrates with Salesforce or your favorite CRM
  • Puts the content you need at your fingertips
  • Helps sales teams create consistent sales presentations
  • Manages clients and captures information while on the go
  • Monitors exactly what is happening in the field across your entire team
  • Tracks project performance over time
  • Enables internal collaboration and sharing of important insights
  • Reduces training expenses

Deliver Winning Sales Presentations

HeyBuddy can help keep your audience from losing interest during another boring presentation of PowerPoint slides. With access to your most up-to-date content at their fingerprints, your team can make every presentation unique and engaging – even on the fly – with colorful product images, videos, and more. Let prospects drive the flow of the conversation. Find a specific piece of content precisely when you need it, easily respond to requests for case studies, and locate product detail right on the spot. Because decision makers are busy, and sales are easy to lose when you fail to follow up after a presentation, HeyBuddy enables you to record and log each presentation. Simply save it and send it off to the prospect with the touch of a button for quick follow-up. Managers and executive teams also appreciate the app because it provides valuable analytics that help you continuously improve your sales deck and keep everyone on track. Monitor sales activity, determine which materials are used most and which are not, and use the results to improve sales tracks and win rates by making data-informed decisions. HeyBuddy is an intuitive sales enablement tool that is easy to use and designed to dramatically increase selling time.  To get more information, click below to get started or call the HeyBuddy team at (484) 516-2526.  

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