Sales Engagement Platform

Businesses of all sizes benefit from a sales engagement platform like HeyBuddy for every phase of the sales process, from nurturing leads, to improving content management, to collecting data and analytics that can help you make informed decisions. Revolutionize your selling process by adopting a mobile app that provides a single, easy-to-manage, centralized repository for all your branded content and sales tools that integrate with your existing CRM.

What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

Sales engagement platforms help sales and marketing teams manage the customer lifecycle from beginning to end, which can yield real dividends in terms of both company revenue and time saved on administrative tasks. They help integrate quality content, streamline communications, and allow managers to better understand the nature of engagements between sales teams and end customers.

Why HeyBuddy?

HeyBuddy enables you to keep your most up-to-date sales tools in front of your team at all times and provides you with actionable insight into their activities. It provides all the software you need to keep your content controlled in one place, eliminate inefficiency, keep conversations and presentations on point, and accelerate conversions. The mobile app works on all devices do not require Wi-Fi and can be set up in minutes. Load it with your essential presentation files, sync up your preferred device, and start selling. Content Management: According to Forrester, 90% of B2B salespeople don’t use their organization’s marketing content because it is irrelevant, out of date, or difficult to customize. This means your sales reps may be creating their own content, which could potentially carry the wrong message. Take control of the content, catalogs, price lists and other sales collateral your reps use in the field. HeyBuddy will help ensure that they are always working with the most current materials.  If changes need to be made, content updates are globally uploaded and distributed instantly to the team. HeyBuddy also features guided selling capabilities. Reps can be prompted to use the right content at the right time, based on a customer’s size, industry, or other criteria, so that they’ll always be delivering a relevant presentation that properly reflects your brand message. Easy Follow-Up: Your reps will never again lose out on sales because they neglected to follow up. HeyBuddy will record and log their presentations as they are delivered. The presentation can then be shared with prospects (and coworkers) immediately with the touch of a button. Advanced Analytics: Managers and executive teams appreciate HeyBuddy because it provides valuable analytics that helps you continuously improve your sales deck and keep everyone on track. Monitor sales activity, determine which materials are used most and which are not, and use the results to accelerate the sales process and make data-informed decisions. HeyBuddy is an intuitive sales engagement platform that is easy to use and designed to dramatically increase selling time.  To get more information, click the button below or call the HeyBuddy team at (484) 516-2526.

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