Workflow Tools

Bring real efficiency to your organization and increase productivity across all channels with workflow tools such as HeyBuddy. HeyBuddy is a cloud-based sales enablement solution that works on all devices, integrates with Salesforce or virtually any other CRM, and does not require Wi-Fi, so it can be used online and offline. The app enables sales teams to easily deliver effortless, brand-consistent presentations internally or while in the field by having constant access to your most up-to-date, brand-consistent content. HeyBuddy is a cloud-based human resources tool that can help you attract top talent and energize recruits. All of your employee data (your HRIS system) is accessible in seconds, securely, on any mobile device. It’s an easy-to-use solution that empowers your team with valuable data when and where they need it.

Take Control of Your Business Processes

Eliminate Redundant Steps: Workflow tools can help you identify and remove unnecessary steps and processes and improve efficiency. Instead of asking each sales rep to create a unique presentation before every meeting, apps like HeyBuddy enables you to create a well-organized, consistent message that perfectly showcases your product or services, and send your sales reps out to deliver it. The content can be updated easily and shared across a worldwide network at the touch of a button. Reduce Paper and Print Costs: Studies show that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Large volumes of paper documents are difficult to manage, often leading to data entry errors, loss of information and inconvenient work delays. The paper also has to be stored and eventually destroyed or shredded, adding to your costs. Workflow tools can help you reduce the paperwork (and associated expense) without foregoing the compliance, security, or approval steps you need. Focus Managers on Strategy: By implementing workflow automation in your organization, managers no longer have to manually monitor daily operational issues. HeyBuddy apps provide key decision-makers with valuable analytics that identify who, what, when and what actions were performed and help detect bottlenecks or problems. Even when your processes need manager approvals and reviews, workflow steps can be created to streamline the steps so that more can be done in less time, making the process more efficient. Reducing time spent on operations management equates to more time for strategy and growth activities. There may not be one perfect solution that serves all teams, but innovative workflow tools like HeyBuddy will ensure that your employees have everything they need to excel. To learn more, give us a call at 484.516.2526, or get started by clicking the button below.

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