Enhancing Company Culture
January 29, 2018
Why Identifying a Customer’s Pain Will Be Your Most Important Resource
February 15, 2018

Nothing else loves to engage, enlighten and empower the modern workforce like an intuitive workflow platform.

Like and Love have different values. Where there’s Like, there’s interest in where a relationship might go. Where there’s Love, there’s commitment. And as any leader will surely note, it’s commitment that makes the world go round.

For HeyBuddy’s platform, commitment and Love are equally connected. Without buy-in and commitment, nothing else matters.

Transforming the customer experience is the heart of any digital transformation.
HeyBuddy strives to continue delivering experiences you couldn’t imagine living without. Today we would like to share the Love and say thank you to our customers.

Hopefully HeyBuddy is the spark you need to ignite your organizational strategies. For keeping the flame alive, we recommend the following:

1. STAY ACTIVE. Organize and manage your content with enthusiasm. Treat it like the treasure it is.
2. DEDICATE. Invest in a platform that helps someone easily find the content they need, when they need it.
3. REMAIN FLEXIBLE. Opportunities differ. Enable teams to customize content accordingly.
4. SHARE. Engage with customers on the same platform you rely upon for content management and analytics.
5. DON’T BE LEFT IN THE DARK. Know what content is (and isn’t) working. It’s the true path to happiness.
6. BE PREPARED. The easier it is for teams to access training, the more likely they are to take it. Because being smart is cool, too.

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