Furniture Sales Presentation Apps

Each customer is different, and each furniture sales presentation should be unique. Mobile apps like HeyBuddy give your sales team the ability to tailor interactive sales presentations to each individual prospect and address questions on the spot. LaunchDM is the international creative digital marketing studio behind HeyBuddy, the app we believe is an essential tool for making your sales team more effective. This interactive digital sales aid integrates with Salesforce and ensures that your sales materials are always professionally presented, consistent, and up-to-date. HeyBuddy is the new must-have digital sales aid that works on any CRM, online or offline. Download and setup are easy. Use custom-branded graphics or choose one of our pre-built themes in just a few clicks. Then organize your presentation files and product information in HeyBuddy and sync up the app. Both your in-store showroom staff and field sales teams will be ready to wow any prospect. Your company will be seen as cutting-edge, and the ease with which you can present your furniture, fabrics, and accessories will amaze any viewer, helping turn them quickly into customers.

Create Compelling Presentations

Most prospects don’t have the time, the patience or the inclination to hear sales reps go on and on about furniture they have no interest in. You can also be sure that their attention spans will be cut in half as soon as they have to watch another boring PowerPoint presentation. HeyBuddy works on all devices and enables you to:

  • Deliver professional, attention-getting sales presentations
  • Reduce meeting preparation and follow-up time
  • Tailor content for each unique prospect
  • Focus presentations on the prospect’s specific problems and challenges
  • Address questions and concerns on the spot
  • Impress customers with compelling images and videos of woods, metals, fabrics and furniture arrangements
  • Record, save, sync and share files across computers and mobile devices
  • Monitor sales team activity
  • Close sales faster, sell more and go anywhere

HeyBuddy is intuitive and easy to learn and, because your sales reps can use their favorite mobile devices, you’ll improve morale and spend less on training.

Three Sales Habits to Avoid

  • Lack of confidence. If you’re not confident about your products and services, customers won’t be confident about buying them. Know everything there is to know about the furniture you’re selling, and you’ll be able to guide the customer to the close. If you take the time to connect, they’ll be more likely to take your recommendations.
  • Focusing on price. Prices can turn off potential customers when they’re unable to see the value of your products or services. Learn about each customer’s needs and link those needs to the right solution, then use HeyBuddy to help demonstrate the benefits they can expect to gain by purchasing your products.
  • Confusing terminology. Even if you use certain terminology internally to describe your furniture, avoid throwing around fancy buzzwords that the customer may not understand. When you describe “beltway power,” “flipper doors,” “panel creep,” “up mounts,” “credenzas,” or “chifforobes” in the vocabulary they understand or use HeyBuddy to show them, you’ll have more success selling your products.

Empower your furniture sales team and give them a presentation app that can really make a difference. The HeyBuddy sales aid is essential for every business and will improve the experience throughout your sales funnel. Find out more about this innovative app by calling us at (484) 516-2526, or click below to get started.

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