Tablet Sales Presentation Tool

Sales teams have pioneered the use of mobile sales tools and are changing the sales landscape. By putting HeyBuddy into action on a tablet or other mobile device, you’ll give your team a sales presentation tool that will revolutionize the way they sell and enhance their ability to close deals. Tablets and iPads are naturals for sales presentations. They can be passed around easily, be read like a magazine, and can output to external displays in just a few steps. They also wake from sleep instantly, so there’s no need to wait for a laptop to boot up. Along with their superior portability, they are the ideal sales tool in any setting. If your company has salespersons in the field, posts documents in a CRM and needs a way to present them on the go, HeyBuddy is the right sales presentation app for your team. It can be deployed on all devices, and enables you to illustrate the innovative side of your business, connecting with prospects via features and content that better convey your brand story.

Advantages of HeyBuddy as a Mobile Sales App

Studies show that salespeople spend less than 40% of their time selling.  The majority of their time is spent on research and gathering the information they need for their presentations. Why not increase their selling time by implementing HeyBuddy?! All the content they need is available in the app via your CRM. The app can be used online and offline at any time, and content updates can be shared easily across a global network with the click of a button. Today, most prospects prefer conversation to sit still and listening for 30 minutes to a one-way PowerPoint presentation. By offering them a unique voice, you’ll be able to grab their attention fast. In such a crowded marketplace, the presentations you create with HeyBuddy are a great way to distinguish you from your competitors. Your sales reps can easily show visuals that cement your sales points.  They can say, “Here, let me show you,” and then present an informative graph, captivating image, or short video about a product. Instead of lugging around a briefcase full of brochures, they can switch dynamically between different types of content based on the customer’s interests or needs, and then execute sales transactions on the spot by providing on-site quotes. And your team won’t lose time logging their activities. Just tapping through HeyBuddy during a sales meeting populates your CRM, providing managers with dashboards, reports, and analytics that monitor each team’s performance and accountability and improve sales tracks and win rates. Presentations can also be recorded. Save them, package them, and send them to prospects without wasting more time on follow-up. Brought to you by LaunchDM, in Reading, PA, HeyBuddy is a must-have app for your sales arsenal. LaunchDM, preferred vendors of Salesforce and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2008, has vast experience in optimizing any CRM for businesses. Because we also use it ourselves, we can help you leverage its functionality and help you boost your sales to new levels. Setup, sync and sell; can closing deals get any easier? A tablet sales presentation tool like HeyBuddy gives your sales team everything it needs to deliver awesome presentations. To learn more about the app, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started.

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