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The Micro-Interaction
September 20, 2017
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November 15, 2017

It’s a struggle that marketers face almost daily, someone in sales asks you for a favor again: “Can you modify this for me? It doesn’t say exactly what I need to convey to this particular lead and if I try to modify it myself, it just won’t look as good as it would if you do it…”

It could be that a new service launched and it requires an updated one-page brochure, or a high-profile lead requested more information about a particular product that isn’t applicable to the majority. Let’s face it, what the sales guy is asking for…is fairly time consuming.

When sales requests something that marketing finds redundant, it’s usually due to a lack of communication and understanding between the two teams. Marketing doesn’t fully understand what’s happening on the sales side, and sales doesn’t fully appreciate what marketing does to help their cause.

Consider the typical sales call and how it works in the context of your company.

How long is your sales person on the phone, versus corresponding via email, versus time spent with a prospect during an in-person visit? How long is each meeting? 20 minutes? 45? Two hours? How many calls does it typically take before they schedule a demo?

Depending on the type of prospect, a sales rep might use a variety of tools to educate the consumer about your product or service. It’s important that the marketing department knows what sales reps are using the most. For example, when they have an in-person meeting, are they using a tablet, a laptop, or printed materials? If they are conducting a virtual meeting, will they be sharing their computer screen?

The next and perhaps most important step using this methodology is the follow up. Marketers are typically the creative, behind-the-scenes sort of people; often they have no idea what the sales process looks like.

What are all those sales reps doing with the marketing content created for your company? Do they change it? Do they use it? Do they hand out “one-sheeters”?

For example, if sales reps are using a one-page overview, it would be important to know whether that piece is shown during an introductory session or in a closing meeting. Sales reps love case studies because it helps give a real-life example of how your product made another customer successful. Find out what types of case studies are the most helpful – a video testimonial or perhaps a written case study shown as a backpage on your website – and at what point in the buyer’s journey is this information most useful? When the marketing team has a good understanding of what content is important and where in the sales journey a prospect should be exposed to certain content, they can create more effective sales materials.

Statistics cite that up to 80% of marketing content goes unused. If that is really the case, then what are the sale reps using? This is an important conversation, because marketers can learn not only what type of content their sales teams use, but how they use it.

The Micro Interaction

With a platform like HeyBuddy, the most effective content can be deployed to entire teams in a matter of minutes. Both the sales team and the marketing team are connected by how invested they are in each other’s success, as both teams better understand one another and work together to overdeliver to customers and win deals.

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