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September 15, 2017
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October 4, 2017

Careful consideration of the micro-interaction is a brand new approach to sales & marketing that can help sales reps connect and engage with prospects better than ever before.

Teams are constantly inundated with new technology that aims to simplify processes, but often times, it’s hard to determine which tools and apps will make your life more efficient versus the implementation of a new system that proves daunting. Not only that, the demographic of your salespeople often dictates whether adopting new technology is welcomed and accepted, or feared and challenged. Sales and marketing both play important roles in delivering the right message about a product or service to a prospective buyer, but perhaps the most compelling way to engage is by paying close attention to each micro-interaction.

Micro-interactions are the small actions that take place when your sales team (and your prospective customers) interact with one another.

Using the HeyBuddy app, the sales presentation feels as though it’s tailored for each unique situation. These small micro-interactions enable you to recall, document, and share each step of your presentation to enrich your customer’s overall experience.

The app provides sales representatives with the most up-to-date, brand consistent tools to share with their prospects and market their product more effectively, while marketers, who typically don’t understand the purchase process in the same way the sales team does, can build and modify presentation assets by gaining a better understanding of how the materials they design are used. How else will large corporate sales teams align with large corporate marketing teams? There isn’t a better solution on the market to provide both engagement and enablement at the same time.

HeyBuddy is a platform unlike its competitors; the core features and functionality were built with not only sales and marketing teams in mind, but for the purpose of being used by human resources teams for training and employee onboarding too. Setup is simple, integrating with any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software on the market today.

Arm your sales team with brand consistency

With a controlled layout and brand-consistent content available to everyone on your team, it’s easier than ever to prepare for meetings, organize presentations, and follow up. But that’s not all, once the buying process is over and the prospect is a customer, it’s more important than ever to keep them engaged. Providing educational content such as how-to pieces, articles, and videos, or inviting customers to webinars, are strategies your sales teams can use to nurture relationships long after the sale.

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