Trade Your Binder For a Tablet

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November 20, 2017
Are You In The Market For A Mobile Sales Aid?
December 5, 2017

Do you ever feel like a walking desk when going to a sales meeting? If so, a mobile sales app may be the answer. With a mobile sales app, you would be able to develop your pitch, download it to your mobile device, and send your prospects their own unique sales presentation as soon as you conclude presenting it…all with just one click!

Imagine what it would be like to not have all that paperwork to prepare? Imagine being able to over-deliver to your potential customers with a brilliantly polished and highly memorable sales presentation.

Your meetings can be effortless and straightforward, cutting follow up time in half. With HeyBuddy, you can easily build a custom sales deck tailored to your customer’s specific needs using your company’s most beautiful and up-to-date marketing resources. After the completion of your meeting, you can share any of the content in your presentation deck with your prospects so they can review the information after the meeting, and even share with other stakeholders if needed.

Sales teams will be able to use the app across any personal device they use, and the platform is compatible with most CRMs. Our highly intuitive app requires no wifi, eliminating the “buffering” that typically occurs when trying to show a video without wifi. The app also allows each sales rep to record the presentation as they present their information; this gives them something tangible to show to customers.  The time a sales rep can save in administrative tasks allows more time to do what they do best…engage with customers.

Using a sales mobile app like HeyBuddy will allow you to overdeliver to all your prospects…presenting the most effective content to entire teams in a matter of minutes. What better way to win deals than with HeyBuddy at your side.

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